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otto; or up with dead people (bruce labruce)

Various Artists

Original Soundtrack

Time to celebrate a brand new, exceptional addition to the zombie genre with
Canadian director Bruce LaBruce’s latest oeuvre. Renouncing the most obvious
cliches, LaBruce lets his protagonist - gay punk zombie Otto – ramble and
roam the streets of Berlin until he finds himself cast for a low budget
flick. With a keen eye for style, the director picks and mixes references
from classic horror, silent movies and Modernity into a strident, yet poetic
film. In this, Otto; Or, Up With Dead People continues the tradition of the
political pornographer’s previous successes, The Raspberry Reich and Hustler

Spoilt for choice: Otto features more than 50 international tracks and
sounds! After careful selection, Crippled Dick Hot Wax now presents the
movie’s official soundtrack (featuring 14 tracks and available on CD
(digipak) or limited double vinyl), promising to take us on a truly crazy
acoustic rollercoaster ride. Yet despite the artists’ glaring differences,
the result is a surprisingly coherent, compact and homogeneous compilation.
Weaving classical, electronic, drone, avantgarde, pop and punk/disco into a
well-balanced whole, the soundtrack introduces cinema and music lovers alike
to the weirdly wonderful world of Bruce LaBruce.

cdhw106 | cd


15.00 EUR


01. Mikael Karlsson - Descent
02. Jean-Louis Huhta – Halfway Between The World And Death
03. 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse – Ascending The River
04. All My Friends – Theme From All My Friends
05. Pandas Of Black Metal – Kill Your Gods
06. Misty Roses – Mario And Dario
07. The Living Dead Boys – We Are The Living Dead Boys
08. No Bra - Doherfuckher
09. Brittle Stars – On The Cusp Of Infinity
10. Eyes And Teeth - Sonicize
11. Othon with Ernesto Tomasini - Metalipsis
12. La Jovenc – Going Home
13. Ultra Milkmaids + V - Load
14. The Homophones – Everyone’s Dead


Released 2008-09-12
Mark Stewart: ON/OFF

21.90 EUR


Martin Kippenberger - Musik / 1979 - 1995

69.90 EUR


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