appleton & treu

Generations meet: Beatnik vs Kraut

Berlin-based Künstler Treu (ex-Dauerfisch) has another passion besides making good music. He's also a dedicated collector of weird and unusual records. That's why vinyl from quite an unexpected conglomeration of decades can be found jumbled together across his shelves. Including, for example, some quite rare productions by the American electronic music pioneer Jon Appleton.

Appleton, who experimented with electronic noise-collages during the late 1960's, released several albums in cahoots with the likes of Don Cherry and Tom Scott on Flying Dutchman Records. He was also a co-inventor of the first digital sampler - the famous Synclavier. Treu, daring, open-minded and cosmopolitan, contacted Appleton in 2002 and was immediately invited to Dartmouth College to record with him.

The result of this musical whirlwind is "Wunderbra!", an album that - thankfully - can not be conveniently categorized with any current genre-labels. Even Brazilian Native Music icon Marlui Miranda joins in on two of the tracks.

"Wunderbra" delivers a finely woven melange of electronica, space-age-pop and dadaism - nervous energy exchanging blows with delicate, graceful melodies.

An organic whole, far beyond fastchanging everyday trends.

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